Keep. Organize. Share.

Know what you have, where it lives and share it with friends.



Keep track of what you have.


Organize your things digitally; search the real world.


Share your things with friends; make sure you get them back.


Know what you have.
Know what it’s worth.

MyShelf is an easy tool to help you keep track of everything in your home and know the total value of all your items. Keeping an eye on your total value helps you know when it’s time to bump up your insurance coverages. And should the worst happen, MyShelf makes it easy to send your insurance company everything they need to file a claim.1

Know where it is.

Can’t find that holiday ornament or that tool you know you have? Check to see where you last shelved it.


Lightning Fast

Because keeping track shouldn’t set you back. With instant photo scanning and cloud sync, MyShelf lets you focus on your work.

Save Photos & Receipts

Free up your file cabinets and junk drawers. When you need a receipt, you need it now. With MyShelf attachments, you can keep all of your important paperwork for an item right in the app and un-throw-out-able.


Be a good friend. Easily share any part of your inventory with friends & family so they can ask to borrow that Kitchen Aid mixer you thought you’d use.

Secure & Encrypted

Your stuff is your business. And we take that business seriously. Bank-level cloud encyption, seriously.

Unlimited Photo Storage

Because you shouldn’t have to pay extra to be thorough. Take detailed photos of every item and never run out of space.


Free Forever

  • 50 Items
  • Unlimited Photos
  • 150MB Attachment Limit
  • 1 Shared Item Per Day
  • 1 Inventory
  • Email Support

MyShelf Unlimited

$5 99 monthly
/ $59 99 yearly
  • Unlimited Items
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Unlimited Attachments **
  • Unlimited Shared Items
  • Unlimited Inventories *
  • Email Support

* Coming Soon
** 5GB initial quota, more available as needed

What’s on Your Shelf?



What is MyShelf?
MyShelf is a single place for all your stuff. It’s everything you own safe, secure, and searchable. It’s your insurance claim. It’s your lending library. It’s your peace of mind.
Why do I need MyShelf?
MyShelf is the easiest way to organize your home, office, storage unit - wherever! MyShelf helps you know what you have and where it is at all times, all inside one very secure, cloud based app right on your mobile device.
Is MyShelf safe?
Security is our number one priority at MyShelf. We encrypt all data leaving your phone as it heads to our servers. Your inventory is then secured in our cloud-based servers, which are housed in a facility that has some of the highest grade digital and physical security in the world. Bottom line, your shelf is safe with us!
How much does MyShelf cost, really?
You can start using MyShelf for free! Once you start building out your inventory, you may want to sign-up for our low-cost monthly subscription to unlock more MyShelf features.
Can I use MyShelf to share my stuff with friends?
You sure can! The share functionality in MyShelf allows you to share a room, a cabinet, or just an item with your friends. No more wondering if your buddy has the hammer you need for your weekend project - just have them share their tool box with you and you’ll have that new birdhouse in no time!
How many photos can I take of each item I add to MyShelf?
However many you need! MyShelf allows you to add unlimited photos to any item. If you think you need 6 angles of your toaster, go for it!
How often is MyShelf updated? Will there be new features?
Our developers are constantly working to improve your experience on MyShelf! We publish updates regularly, so make sure to keep your apps up to date. We have a long list of features we look forward to sharing with you soon. Have an idea you’d like to share with us? Email us at [email protected] to share your idea!
Can I use MyShelf on my computer?
We don’t have a computer web app just yet, but our developers are furiously typing away to make it happen for you!
Can I export my data?
Absolutely! Just email us and we are happy to send you a spreadsheet of your inventory.