Keep. Organize. Share.

Know what you have, where it lives and share it with friends.



Keep track of what you have.


Organize your things digitally; search the real world.


Share your things with friends; make sure you get them back.


Know where it is.

Can’t find that holiday ornament or that tool you know you have? Check to see where you last shelved it.


Lightning Fast

Because keeping track shouldn’t set you back. With instant photo scanning and cloud sync, MyShelf lets you focus on your work.

Save Photos & Receipts

Free up your file cabinets and junk drawers. When you need a receipt, you need it now. With MyShelf attachments, you can keep all of your important paperwork for an item right in the app and un-throw-out-able.


Be a good friend. Easily share any part of your inventory with friends & family so they can ask to borrow that Kitchen Aid mixer you thought you’d use.

Secure & Encrypted

Your stuff is your business. And we take that business seriously. Bank-level cloud encyption, seriously.

Unlimited Photo Storage

Because you shouldn’t have to pay extra to be thorough. Take detailed photos of every item and never run out of space.


Free Forever

  • 50 Items
  • Unlimited Photos
  • 150MB Attachment Limit
  • 1 Shared Item Per Day
  • 1 Custom Field *
  • Email Support

MyShelf Unlimited

$5 99 monthly
/ $59 99 yearly
  • Unlimited Items
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Unlimited Attachments **
  • Unlimited Shared Items
  • Unlimited Custom Fields *
  • Email Support

* Coming Soon
** 5GB initial quota, more available as needed

What’s on Your Shelf?