The Holidays have come and gone and it’s time to get rid of the clutter that comes when you Deck The Halls

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When you’re packing up the decorations, think back to a few weeks (or months we don’t judge) ago when you were setting up the holiday cheer - sometimes you really just need that one finishing touch, but you tucked it away in the gift wrap box last year. *Proceeds to spend hours looking for it*

Avoid the hassle and begin adding your items into your MyShelf inventories as you pack, so next year you are ready to roll! This will make next year’s holiday setup so much simpler - let us show you how.


Now that you can see all the decorations you used for the season, time to declutter! We’ve found that adding items one by one into MyShelf helps you make those critical decisions on what makes it and what gets donated or recycled. It doesn’t make sense to add the items you didn’t use this year and probably won’t next - take that creepy Nutcracker your old neighbor gave you years ago that’s been scaring you in the corner of the garage; it’s probably time to part ways.


Upgrade Your Storage

“Out with the old and in with the new” should go for your decorations and your storage! Cracking open dusty storage bins filled with a hodgepodge of stuff is not a jolly way to start next year’s holidays. Avoid that feeling and start upgrading your storage!

Seems kind of backwards to buy more items to keep more items, but effective use of storage can actually cut down on the space those random odds and ends take up. Stackable or modular storage gives everything a specific utility. Those bulky bins you throw in your attic every year can actually distract you from deciding what should be kept and what shouldn't be. If your storage fits exactly the intended purpose, it’s harder to keep clutter that bogs you down.

We found some really cool containers that store those necessary holiday items everyone keeps around:


Grey Wrap & Tote Organizer - $19.99

This might actually make it out from the attic into a normal use space! Store your gift wrap and supplies in this slim case, excellent for holidays, but also for birthdays and special gift giving occasions!


TreeKeeper 36” Double Wreath Bag - $19.99

We absolutely love this! Before, wreaths were kept stacked in the garage and needed a deep clean before it found its way back out for the holidays, but this bag keeps them neatly stacked and secure!


TreeKeeper Install & Store Light & Garland Storage Box - $19.99

Stop stuffing your garland into the bottom of the box and throwing bundles of lights in the middle. Neatly wrap your garland and/or Christmas lights on the reel and store with ease! Got a lot of lights and garland? We recommend getting two of these. They stack really well!


Drop-In Bins - $7.99 - $9.99

Keeps both the cheap filler ornaments and your family heirloom ornaments safe and organized. These bins are modular and meant for stacking, so keep a corner of that bin free to slide these in.


Get Ahead of the Cleanup

Take a look at your storage containers and start planning where they’ll go and what will go in them. We’ve made this easy to do in MyShelf. You can easily add your new Garage Totes as a “Location” in the attic, garage, or even garage shelf. You can always move them around as you pack up. See more about that feature here.

New Year, New (Sh)elf!

Once the tree hits the curb (or gets shoved into its old box), it’s time to start that weekend long task of bringing everything down. Except this year, you’ve got a plan! Simply add your items to your new bins as you pack - easy! Now, just think about how easy it will be next year to roll out the holiday spirit